Having thigh muscle pain? Looking for thigh muscle pain specialist clinic for an effective treatment? Thigh muscle pain is very common, it can be due to an injury or sudden pain.

Muscles in body parts such as the legs function to strengthen the lower body as well as to support the body. Likewise with your thigh muscles which function as support when walking or running. Therefore, the thighs also have the opportunity to experience muscle pain.

Thigh Muscle Pain Specialist Clinic

What is Thigh Muscle Pain?

Muscles such as the thighs can ache. However, this muscle pain is also classified as difficult to diagnose because there are many tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The thigh muscle pain is often the result of a minor muscle injury that can treat itself. However, in some cases, thigh muscle pain can also be a symptom of another, more serious condition.

Thigh Muscle Pain Symptoms

Pain or tenderness in the thigh muscles can occur in conditions ranging from mild to sharp. Not only that, the pain can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as:

The feeling of stiffness and the thighs also feels weak. So it is more difficult to walk and become numb. The presence of signs of infection such as redness and swelling. Itching and burning sensation.

Thigh Muscle Pain Causes

When viewed anatomically, the thigh is the area of ​​the upper leg, which includes the hip joint and knee. The thigh muscles are located in the front and function to bend the hips and also make the knee easier to straighten.

.Depending on what causes thigh muscle pain, this condition can occur in one or both thighs. Usually, pain occurs due to tissue inflammation due to injury to chronic disease

1. Tense and pulled thigh muscles

Sprains are a cause of thigh muscle pain which is often triggered by injury. When one of the thigh muscles is pulled in due to a sprain, it can twist all of the ligaments and tendons in your thigh, causing a tension in them.

Meanwhile, if you sprained it, the ligaments that connect the bones are tightened and then torn. When the thigh muscles are stretched, the tendons (tendons) that connect the muscles to the bones also tear.

The symptoms of thigh muscle pain from sprains or sprains are: Sudden pain after a fall, vigorous exercise, or too stiff yana joints. Pain or pain that spreads. Difficult to move or want to stretch the body There is swelling around the thigh.

2. Fatigue from overuse

What happens when the muscles in your thigh area are used more often? This also turns out to be a cause of pain in the thigh muscles. The reason is, the muscles are forced to work too hard for a long time to cause injury.

This can also happen when you don’t warm up before exercise. Mild pain may worsen over time. The sign that you should pay attention to is when pain always comes after you do certain physical activities.

3. The hip muscles (flexors) tighten

Your hip area has flexor muscles which can also affect the thigh muscles. If it is used too often, the cause of the thigh muscles to become painful can also cause muscle spasms. Symptoms that can be felt include:

Pain that comes suddenly but increases when lifting the thigh toward the chest When you want to stretch, the pain reappears. The muscles feel spasm and feel more sensitive in front of the hips. This includes swelling and bruising.

4. Lack of exercise

While overuse of muscles can be a cause of sore thigh muscles, lack of exercise or too much sitting can also damage your muscles. This also causes chronic pain.

Sitting for a long time can put pressure on the joints and also the muscles, especially the hips, legs and thighs so that the muscles become weak.

5. Hamstring tendonitis

Also known as quadriceps, this condition is stress on the legs including the thigh muscles. Not only causes the thigh muscles to feel pain, but also inflammation in the tendon area. Some of the symptoms that can appear:

Pain in the front or back of your thigh. Usually near the knee or hip. It makes it more difficult for you to walk up the stairs because of the pain. The thighs on the front and back are more sensitive and feel weak.

Thigh Muscle Pain Treatments

Thigh muscle pain home treatments include rest to relax the muscles, compress, get regular exercise, taking some medications.

Most of the pain problems in your thigh muscles are minor injuries, too much exercise, and stress. You can still overcome the causes above using at-home methods. However, if you have entered the chronic stage then you also need further treatment from a doctor. Call or Whatsapp 64762106 for thigh muscle pain treatments.

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