Third and fourth toe pain can be an indication of Morton’s Neuroma. What is Morton’s Neuroma? Morton’s neuroma is a disease that attacks the ball of the foot between third and fourth toe. If you have Morton’s neuroma, you may feel toe pain like stepping on a pebble in a shoe, or feel as if you have a sock fold.

Common symptoms of Morton’s neuroma include pain, numbness, swelling, tingling sensation between third and fourth toe.

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Third and Fourth Toe Pain Causes

Third and fourth toe pain causes by the irritation, pressure or injury to one nerve leading to the toes.

How to confirm that the third and fourth pain is Morton’s Neuroma?

If the doctor suspects you have this condition, a physical examination and several tests will be recommended. Some imaging tests are more useful in diagnosing Morton’s neuroma include X-ray, ultrasound, MRI.

Third and Fourth Toe Pain Treatments

Third and fourth toe pain treatments include:

Physiotherapy include stretching, arch supports and foot pads that fit inside the shoe and help reduce stress on nerves. You can find this at a pharmacy or some shoe stores, but don’t forget to adjust it to the curve of your foot. Other operations and procedures.

If conservative care does not help, your doctor may suggest: Injection. Some people are helped with steroid injections in the affected area. Decompression operation. In some cases, the surgeon can relieve pressure on the nerves by lifting close structures, such as ligaments that attach bones to the front of the foot. Nervous removal. Surgical removal may be needed if other treatments fail to reduce pain. Although surgery is usually successful, the procedure may cause permanent numbness in the affected toe.

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