As we all know, our hands are used constantly throughout the day to almost everything we do. If we hurt our fingers or hands, this could have an impact on how we perform our daily tasks at work, home and play. Health thumb injuries such as tendonitis and De Quervain’s tendonitis can impact on how we do this as well. This can occur by several factors.

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Thumb Tendonitis is also knows as De Quervain’s tendonitis and Mommy’s wrist or Mommy’s Thumb.

As new moms we are often carrying a baby in our dominant arm, as we complete all of life’s work with our non-dominant arm.  We learn to cook dinner, brush our teeth, email and vacuum all using one side of the body.  The constant lifting and carrying of an increasingly heavy baby is hard on the wrist.

Do I have Thumb Tendonitis?

Let’s talk briefly about tendonitis in the thumb. Sometimes this can happen when you have irritation or swelling of the hand tendons. Usually this will happen on the thumb side of the wrist.

What happens is the irritation that causes you to have a compartment that runs the tendon to swell. Shape change compartment. The tendon can not move properly in this compartment. Aches and pains occur along the thumb side of the wrist. This pain can be felt if you’re going to understand something, make a fist or by rotating the wrist.

The cause of this condition is because of the repetitive movements. If you have a job or task that you have to use repetitive movements, can cause this problem. Repetitive movements over the years will or may cause pain in the hand, the possibility of nerve injury (carpal tunnel syndrome) finger, you can have a lock (trigger finger) and loss of movement or pain thumb effect.

How do you know you have this condition? Some signs and symptoms.

  • The pain on the thumb side of the wrist is the main symptom. Pain may appear gradually or suddenly. It might even seem like arthritic pain. The pain is felt in the wrist, but it can travel up the forearm.
  • You may feel sick when you go and grab something or when you rotate your wrist. Swelling may become apparent in the thumb. An arrest or locking fingers, including the thumb may start to occur. You may start to feel numb index finger and thumb on the back.

How to treat thumb tendonitis?

  • One of the initial treatment is a thumb splint or brace to help support the thumb. Rest and some types of anti-inflammatory medications may help. Icing the area can effectively reduce inflammation.
  • When suffering from thumb tendonitis or De Quervain’s tendonitis, your doctor may have you got a shot of cortisone. This will help with the swelling and pain. I have them and they do the job well enough. Be careful to take some shots in that this can weaken the tendon and cause more damage.
  • Sometimes surgery may be necessary. This will happen if the pain constant or if it keeps coming back. Surgery is sometimes a good choice and can cure the problem. This is only a small incision and the surgery day, you’re in and out. You just wear a splint until the stitches are removed.

How to tell if you have Tendonitis thumb For Sure

A simple 3-step test to determine whether you are suffering from thumb tendonitis or tendonitis Dequervain it. Here’s how to tell.

  • What you need to do first is to make a fist with the fingers have the thumb.
  • What would you do next is to bend the wrist toward the little finger.
  • If you suffer from thumb tendonitis, a person will find it very painful. You will also find tenderness to touch directly on the thumb side of the wrist.

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