Often feel pain in the back, muscle tension or a stiff neck? Maybe cause by your bags. The habit of carrying a lot of stuff in a handbag, backpack or briefcase it can disrupt the body’s anatomy.

Quoted by the Times of India, many number of women who complain of pain due to carrying a bag that is too heavy. The pain is generally experienced in the shoulder, lower back, neck, head and even pain in the joints.

Always treat and love  your body and your bones! Take care to avoid permanent damage.

Consider the following three tips to keep you from back pain.

Back pain carry heavy weightsArrange Items in Bag

Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Ashish Phadnis said, carrying a heavy load on his back can lead to various diseases around the spine. One is a stooped posture, back pain, muscle tension, and sprains.

“In general, the maximum weight that can be carried one is about 15 percent of its body weight. Ideally, the load on the back must be distributed over a wider area, the second shoulder. If it still feels heavy, arrange the items in the bag so there is no pressure-sided, “said Dr Ashish.

He also added, uneven load distribution can cause postural problems. As a hunched shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, chronic neck pain, pressure and stretching the tissue that can cause pain and tingling. Necessary treatment is resting the sore muscles, improve your posture with exercise. But exercise should also be monitored by the physiotherapist.

Reduce Muscle Pull

Dr. Darius Soonawala, a leading orthopedic surgeon said, the amount of load that can be carried one highly variable. It could depend on luggage, how to lift, or the people themselves.

“Holding up, avoid leaning forward. Bring an object or a body bag. Backpack good use if you carry loads for long distances, “advises Dr. Darius.

If one of your back hurt when lifting the bag, do not force it, put the bag. Invite a friend to share the burden of default if it feels too heavy.

“Sports strengthening the back is very necessary for those who have a job lifting weights,” he added.

Recognise the symptoms

How do you know if you carry too much weight? Dr Kaushal Malhan, an orthopedic surgeon, said the body has a safety mechanism. All forms of discomfort is a sign for you to stop carrying heavy loads.

“Lifting the burden of a sudden does not cause injury incurred as a pressure on his back. Heavy pressure causes tension on the muscles of the body. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed on the body. If you have back pain symptoms, try to treat the pain, “said Dr. Khausal.

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