WRIST PAIN? In this digital age, have a lot of jobs / activities that require us to use a computer. However, are you aware that using a computer too often cause some bad side effects? Especially if we continue to respond with a “ignorant” attitude, it is, though initially only a minor problem, it can be a potentially fatal problem. One of the side effects that will be discussed this time is as written on the title above, WRIST PAIN.

Try to see each wrist, is there a sign of brown / darker skin color in the part, especially on the right hand holding the mouse, or not? Note the two pictures below:

Normal Wrist

Normal Wrist

Wrist after prolong usage of mouse

Wrist after prolong usage of mouse

Well, if anyone who have these markers, but have not felt any wrist pain, it will be ideal to be taking care of to prevent the any unwanted symptom.

Here are five useful tips to avoid wrist pain due to overuse of computers.

Use Mousepad

By using a soft mouse pad,our  wrist will  have a soft pad to be a place of rest.

Do not use small sized mouse

When using the mouse size which is too small, the wrist we will be having more places to swipe the mouse pad. In addition, wrist and fingers will be tired when using a mouse is too small because of the “grip” the palm of our hands is too large when using the mouse.

Get used to sit right position

Sit up straight and a straight to the monitor. Most people assume correct sitting position was very tiring. Make no mistake, it does not mean sitting relaxed sitting position is not correct. Sometimes most people sit slanting arm position is not suitable for relaxed position, but it is actually even make your shoulders and arms weighed wrist as the fulcrum.

Use the keyboard that has a handrest

Just as soft mousepad, using a keyboard that has a handrest, our wrists so have a comfortable base for resting.

Rest when tired

Do not push yourself even if the job needs to finish fast. Better to rest for a while to relieve sore or tired if it is too long to use a computer. Everything has its limit.

These tips above is important to remember, especially for anyone who have a routine that requires the use of a computer in a long time. Indeed, the work was important in our daily life, but do not forget to always pay attention to your health. Spending too much time using computer, will not only cause wrist pain but will also harm to our overall health like neck pain, back pain after prolonged sitting, sore eyes and etc.

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