Almost everyone has suffered from lower back pain at some point or the other. Usually this happens because of various reasons and are very common among adults.

Things like this are usually caused by excessive use of back and muscle injuries or accidents.

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Tips To Overcome Back Pain

There are a few simple tips that will help you cope with lower back pain as in the following:

  • Avoid positions or activities that increase or cause back pain. Use ice packs when needed and use painkillers only if you really need it. Most lower back pain would be better if you stay active.
  • When your pain is getting relatively low, you can choose to perform a simple reinforcement exercise for stomach, back, and legs along with some stretching exercise. Exercise not only helps you recover more quickly, it also prevents re-injury to your back.
  • Remember that you must get your back to your activity gradually after you recover from pain and slowly increase your activity level. Very little activity will lead to loss of flexibility, strength, increased durability and ultimately hurt anymore.
  • Avoid to sleep on his stomach. Because when your stomach shrink down, then arch your back, increasing the curve of the waist and will make you sick. Sleep on their backs will be as uncomfortable. Experts advise to sleep on your side with your legs bent at the knee. This minimises stress on the spine curvature by straightening the waist. Try and place a pillow under your knees, this will pull your hips up, and can reduce tension in the area.
  • Notice how you sit and stand. Poor posture is often the main cause. Never slouch when you sit down and not too bent when you’re standing.

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