Toes often experience broken bones. The causes of toe fracture are common things, such as falling heavy objects or experiencing strong collisions with certain objects. In general, broken toes take about 4-6 weeks to fully recover. For more serious conditions of toe fracture, it takes longer to recover.

Toe Fracture Specialist ClinicSymptoms of Toe Fracture

Some symptoms that indicate toe fractures include:

  • The appearance of pain, swelling and toes that turn reddish.
  • The skin around the injured area will also experience bruising and sometimes frozen blood will gather just below the toe nail.
  • You will have difficulty walking and wearing shoes.
  • If the finger fracture experienced is classified as serious, then the finger can experience changes in shape and angle.

If you experience various conditions above, you need to continue to monitor the condition of your toes. If the pain feels more intense and cannot be relieved by painkillers, see a doctor to get a stronger prescription for pain relief. In addition, if the swelling is accompanied by changes in the colour of the tissue to reddish or blue, which does not subside, and there is a wound around the injured toe, immediately see a doctor to avoid infection.

Immediate treatment for toe fracture must be done if your toes begin to feel cold and numb or tingling, because your nerves may be damaged. If the skin of your toes has also turned bluish greyish in colour, and the toes are bent in the wrong direction, then it’s time for the doctor to intervene to handle your condition.

How to take care of toe fracture at home?

The following are effective ways to treat the toes that have broken bones at home until healed:

For small toe, place a gauze or cotton cloth between the injured finger and the other finger that is right next to it. Tape the two toes together with tape, and a healthy toe will act as a buffer for the injured toe.

Use shoes with rigid soles or specially supported surgical shoes to help with body movements.

Place your feet higher than the surface of the body for as long as possible, such as by resting your feet on the couch to reduce swelling and pain.

Wrap the ice in the cloth and cover the wounded toes for 15-20 minutes every 1 to 2 hours once in the first two days.

Do not use too many feet for walking or standing activities. Do not overload your toes and avoid activities that can aggravate cracks in your toes. Normal activity can be re-done once the swelling subsides and regular shoes can be re-worn you don’t feel pain.

Take prescription painkillers.

Toe Fracture Surgery

If a toe fracture is included in a serious condition, the reduction procedure (returning the position of the bone to its original position) must be performed by the surgeon after X-ray examination and injection of local anaesthesia in the injured area. Only if a toe fracture is very serious will surgery usually be needed to install a special pen that serves as a support for broken bones during the healing process and natural connection occurs.

If an open wound occurs, the wound must be cleaned regularly to avoid infection and tetanus. Therefore, consulting a doctor is absolutely necessary for a broken toe with an open wound.

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