Toe Walking  – Bad Habit!

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Toe Walking

When walking , the heel is the first part of the foot touches the ground ( heel strike ) . When the first part of the foot is planted on the ground to the radius of the so-called walking on tiptoe ( tippy toeing or toe walking ) .

In children who are just starting to walk , toe walking is normal because it is a learning process to begin controlling the muscles in his legs . In time your child will know that walking with her ​​feet feel more comfortable and stable .

If the habit of walking on tiptoe become increasingly frequent and the child can not return the position of his legs while running , despite being asked by the parents , then it should be considered a possible abnormality . The disorder that can cause toe walking is for example cerebral palsy , muscle dystrophy , autism and neurological disorders and other muscles.

Disorders that can cause toe walking example Achiles tendon shortening . This can occur because of an Achilles tendon growth process is slow so it becomes shorter . Achilles tendon connects the heel to the calf muscles , so if there is shortening it will pull up the heel when stepping on feet.

Toe walking can also occur in cases of cerebral palsy where there is loss of coordination in the system so that the body motion muscles attract each other . Because the back side of the calf muscle is more dominant than the front side , then the resultant is happening is that the heel pulled up while running . In cerebral palsy also almost always there is a delay in developmental milestones motoric . Example stomach late start , late start to his seat , began late passage .

Toe walking can also occur in cases of muscle dystrophy , in which the damage occurs due to progressive muscle dystrophin deficiency of the enzyme . This disorder is hereditary , usually derived from the father’s side . Muscle damage resulting in muscle imbalances so that the pull back of the calf muscles stronger side will pull the heel up . Children with muscle dystrophy usually have normal growth and development during the first year of his age , then progressively worse . Since the attack all the muscles in the body , gait of children with muscle dystrophy also disrupted the coordination.

Toe walking is also commonly found in autistic disorder is a disorder that causes impaired child’s ability to communicate and interact with others , although the mechanism is not yet clear how the autistic condition can cause toe walking .

Beyond all the possible causes , most often caused by the habit of toe walking on tiptoes way that excessive ( idiopathic habitual toe walking ) . Children will run normally when requested but walk on tiptoe back some time later .

In this condition, the child should be taken to the doctor to get physiotherapy , and if necessary correction can wear orthopedic shoes . If the physiotherapy and the use of shoes is still not resolved , it can be aided with the use of a cast for several weeks . Only in some cases surgery is needed to overcome the habit of excessive tiptoe this way.

Different strategies are needed at the toe walking accompanied by muscle coordination disorders ( cerebral palsy , muscle dystrophy ) . Although both management begins with physiotherapy , shoes and mounting casts but most of toe walking with impaired coordination will require operative measures to correct deformity . Also needed treatment for the management of the circumstances leading to the coordination disorder involving various medical disciplines .

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