Torticollis And Wrong Sleeping Position

Another neck disorder is Torticollis (Wry Neck).  Torticollis is also known as shortened Neck Muscle. It is different from those neck disorder because of the wrong sleeping position. Torticollis is the shortened of the neck muscle because of using the same side of the neck continuously. Neck pain due to wrong sleeping position will not cause shortened the neck muscle, it will only strain the neck muscle.

Torticollis is reversible while neck pain due to wrong sleeping position is irreversible and can be fixed easily. Neck pain due to wrong sleeping position takes only a week to recover while torticollis can take longer than a week to recover and it can be worsening if delaying the treatment.

Types of Torticollis

There are two types of torticollis, which is congenital (from birth) and acquired torticollis, for example due to an accident. Torticollis from birth likely occurs because during pregnancy, the baby is in the same position for months. Torticollis usually occurs in twins, because his position is skewed. While, though rarely, torticollis can also occur because of trauma caused by an accident. For example, fell.

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Treatment for Child Torticollis

If the baby is known to suffer from torticollis disorder, should be treated immediately with heated massage to relax the tense muscle. This heated massage to be done for about a week after the birth while the muscle is still elastic. When the child is big, it will be difficult to fix it using the heated massage (physiotherapy) only. Neck Brace may also be recommended to wear it daily so that the neck is not tilted to one side.

If delaying the treatment for toticollis, eyesight will also be affected. For example, the eyes become a little cross-eyed because they only look to one side. Often also appear fluid-filled bumps on the neck muscle or head shape looks different from one side to another. Although this neck disorder is usually known by paediatricians, parents should also watch out.

Prevention of Torticollis

Set the sleep position is certainly not easy. Because, during sleep, we do not know the position of the body itself. Therefore, prevention is the most appropriate to choose a pillow that is not too hard or not too high. Better to use a thin pillow or no pillow at all.

In addition, use a neck brace pillow for travel, either by plane or car. Moreover, if a trip taken in the long term. In order to cushion the neck brace is a crutch neck.

Why? Because, during the car ride or plane, there is a small vibration that makes heads always swung up and down or left and right. Long, tense neck muscles would have to work hard because he sustains head. Well, pillow neck brace function is to prevent the muscle that was not working too hard.

Light exercise during a long trip, to relax the neck muscles is good to prevent torticollis. For example, by waving or turning the neck to the left and right every one or two hours.

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