Torticollis on Baby

Active head motion is very necessary for daily activities. The head movement is possible because of the neck consist of segments of the spine are connected dynamically. Movement will occur when the vertebrae are connected dynamically drawn by muscle contraction . Muscle contraction due to receive orders delivered through nerve fibres.

If there is abnormality in the vertebrae , muscles or nerves then the movement and position of the neck will be disrupted. Movement and position of the asymmetric neck in children is most often Muscular torticollis (torticollis often abbreviated course), caused by muscle contraction sternocleidomastoideus shortened and excessive.

In addition to the abnormalities in the muscles , torticollis can also occur due to trauma to the neck bone resulting in a shift of the vertebrae, ear infections , throat infections such as infections around the tonsils , throat tumor , vision problems and nerve irritation around the neck .

The main display on torticollis caused sternocleidomastoideus muscle shortening . The muscles felt hard and when the head is tilted in the direction away from the muscle the harder muscles and inhibits the movement of the head .

The cause of muscular torticollis is still unclear . Although some studies show an association with trauma at birth , but other studies have found cases of torticollis without a history of trauma at birth. Initial treatment of this condition in the form of stretching the muscles to lengthen sternocleidomastoideus and restore range of motion.

Treatment for Torticollis on Baby

If treated early, most cases can be resolved with muscle stretching procedures. A small portion still require surgery to lengthen the muscles . In children under 18 months of age in muscle stretching procedures become the primary choice. In children over 18 months, stretching the muscle remains the first step. But if the expected results are not achieved after stretching for a few months, then surgical options should be considered.

In some cases, the shadow fears of parents delaying surgery to make the surgery even though the stretching procedure does not give satisfactory results.

Almost certainly the parents will bring their children back to the orthopedic doctor about starting school age because of deformity will become more apparent . At this age , muscular torticollis will lead to the growth of an asymmetrical face and head ( plagiocephaly ) and stretching were much reduced success .

At age greater elongation of the muscle action with surgery followed by physiotherapy to correct the muscle shortening sternocleidomastoideus and restore range of motion. But the correction of plagiocephaly slower walking at a greater can not be corrected or even perfect.

The earlier treatment of torticollis, the more likely obtained maximum results. Management of torticollis also requires adequate health facilities, competent physician and cooperation among team doctors to get maximum results.

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