What is trigger finger of stenosing tenosynovitis?

According to our trigger finger specialist, Trigger finger or stenosing tenosynovitis, is a condition in which the finger is locked in a bent position, which can cause pain and restrict movement of affected hands. This occurs when the tendon on the finger swells, thus preventing it from rolling easily through its scabbard that is the tissue covering the tendon. When the fingers bend, the swollen tendon will be attracted through a narrow sarong, causing an explosive sound to be accompanied by pain. Although many people suffer from this condition, not all seek medical care, which means they live in pain.

Trigger Finger Treatment Singapore

Trigger finger treatments depends on the severity of trigger finger itself including symptoms of trigger finger and durations of trigger finger.

Early trigger finger treatment Singapore

For early trigger finger, treatment for mild cases of trigger finger will be splint, which is fitted to the fingertips for up to six weeks. Splint keeps the finger in a straight position during the healing process, which means the hand movement will be slightly limited. The goal is to provide rest periods so that the aching joints can heal and the inflammation is reduced. It also keeps the fingers slightly bent, when the patient is unconscious, eg asleep. Using a splint also helps reduce the pain caused by a trigger finger, especially in the morning when the pain rises. After the inflammation heals, the doctor will recommend finger exercising to help the patient restore fully sick joint mobility. Despite mild conditions, patients are also advised to reduce repetitive grip movements for 3 – 4 weeks.

Anti-inflammtory medications will be recommended to facilitate trigger finger treatment. Steroid injection will also be recommended and injected directly on the tendon sheath to reduce the inflammation. The most effective and simple treatment for trigger finger is steroid injection because it is simple and cause little pain.

Severe trigger finger treatment Singapore

For severe cases of trigger finger, surgery may be recommended. However, surgery is only used as a last resort if a locked finger does not respond to other conservative treatments.  The procedure of trigger finger is called Release of trigger finger. To treat a finger trigger by surgery, an incision is made at the base of a sore finger, through the incision, the orthopedic surgeon will cut the narrowed section of the sarong, so that the tendon can shift back easily. This action is only performed in the operating room with local anaesthesia. The whole procedure release of trigger finger takes about 20-30 minutes and patient can be discharged the same day.

Trigger Finger Surgery ClinicAt trigger finger surgery clinic, release of trigger finger is the permanent solution for trigger finger condition. At trigger finger surgery clinic, trigger finger surgery can be done within our facility as our clinic provides e-filing facility include medisave e-file and insurance e-file.

Trigger finger is a painful condition, but it does not need to be a permanent condition. Existing techniques for treating trigger fingers help ensure that patients do not need to live in continuous pain and normal finger movements can be restored.

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