Twisted ankle are injuries to the ligaments that surround and connect the leg bones to the feet. This condition can stretch or tear off hard tissue bonds (ligaments). Because ligaments have a specific range of motion and limits to keep the joints stable, then movement beyond a certain limit will cause twisted ankle or ankle sprain. Are you having twisted ankle? Looking for twisted ankle specialist clinic for proper twisted ankle diagnosis and treatment?

Twisted Ankle Specialist Clinic

Twisted Ankle Symptoms

Signs arising from twisted ankle include: Bruises, Swelling in the ankle, Pain, especially when holding weights on the feet, limited movement, ankle instability, soft tissue ankle injury.

Twisted Ankle Causes

Twisted ankles are caused by sudden spinning movements which force the joints in the ankles out of their normal position. This causes one or more ligaments around the ankles to stretch or tear. Swelling can also be a result of this injury. Twisted ankle can occur due to sports activities, walking on uneven surfaces, or wearing inappropriate footwear.

Twisted Ankle Diagnosis

Ankle Specialist can diagnose the condition of your feet by doing several things, such as: CT scans that can reveal more details about bones and joints, X-rays that will provide an ankle bone image to rule out suspected fractures, MRI using radio waves and strong magnetic fields to draw a more detailed picture which will produce the internal structure of the ankle and ligament Ultrasound using sound waves that will produce images to find out the picture of ligaments or tendons at different foot positions.

Twisted Ankle Treatments

Twisted Ankle treatments include:

  • Medications
  • RICE -> Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate
  • Wear crutches until the pain subsides or the cast depends on the severity of the condition to immobilize the ankle.
  • Twisted ankle physiotherapy performed after swelling and pain is reduced to restore range of motion, strength, flexibility, and ankle stability.
  • Surgery is performed if the injury does not heal after a long period of physical therapy and rehabilitation training. Surgery can also be performed to repair ligaments that do not heal and reconstruct ligaments with nearby tissue or ligaments or tendons.

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