TRIGGER FINGER? Ever felt locking finger or locking thumb after you bend and hold the finger for typing computer or texting messages via the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM’s) and the finger or/and thumb can not be straightened?

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

This condition is called TRIGGER FINGER in which the finger joints affected, so stuck and can not be easily rectified. It occurs when certain radius of the finger had work hard. How does trigger finger happen when texting messages via BBM? Dr Kevin Yip explained the person may use the phone pretty intense. The person texted too hard on the keypad to make the finger thumb when pressing the keyboard on his phone for a period of time.

Trigger finger occurs when the tendon movement when opening and closing the fingers can be locked or have limited time to settle in straight. Thickening nodule resulted wedged tunnel, which will cause difficult to straighten the finger.

Elderly people who are usually more at risk of trigger finger. For the young, it can happen when one of the fingers working to extremes.

Other cases of Trigger Finger usually happen to people who are too often typing. Thus, the author or anyone that is too often made her fingers working hard, probably should be aware of this trigger finger. In the mild stage, the case can still be solved with just your fingers rest for some time. If the pain still painful despite medication, injection may be recommended. For severe cases, surgery should be performed. And the toughest cases after surgery also was still difficult to straighten the finger, then the required routine therapy.

WARNING: TRIGGER FINGER due to Prolonged Typing

Beware of using hand phone keypad for too long and prolong typing as it may cause TRIGGER FINGER.

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