Upper Arm pain is a feeling of discomfort or pain that is experienced anywhere on the arm including pain in the wrist, elbow, tricep or shoulder. Arm pain can occur due to several causes.

According to our upper arm pain specialist, the most common cause of upper arm pain is injury or overuse. Pain can appear suddenly and disappear or become more painful gradually depending on the cause.

Upper Arm Pain Specialist Clinic

Symptoms of Upper Arm Pain

The symptoms that accompany arm pain depend on the cause, namely: Redness of the arm, Rigid, Swollen , Swelling of the spleen under the arm.

Please see doctor immediately should you experience stabbing upper arm pain, unable to move or rotate wrist, fingers or hands. Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384 for upper arm pain specialist clinic

Causes of Upper Arm Pain

The causes of arm pain and accompanying symptoms vary from mild to severe.

Some possible causes of arm pain are:

1. Upper Arm Pain Caused by Pinched Nerve

Upper arm pain caused by pinched nerve. Pinched nerves, this occurs when the nerves are very depressed because they are around the bones, muscles, cartilages or tendons. Other symptoms are pricking, numbness, pain like cutting, muscle weakness to the upper arm.

2. Upper Arm Sprains

Sprains are ligaments or tendons that stretch or tear and that is a common injury. You can treat mild sprains at home but severe sprains require surgery. Common symptoms of upper arm sprain can be swelling, wounds and limited joint movement.

3. Upper Arm Tendonitis

Tendonitis, this often happens to people whose activities involve head movements such as painters or baseball players. The symptoms of upper arm tendonitis are sore on the shoulder and the potential for hands to weaken.

4. Upper Arm Broken / Fracture

Upper arm pain caused by broken bone. Broken bones causes very painful arm pain. You might hear a broken bone. Some of the symptoms of upper arm broken bone are swelling, bruising, severe pain, visible changes in shape, difficulty turning your palm.

5. Upper Arm Arthritis

Arthritis, a chronic disorder caused by inflammation that affects the joints directly. Some of upper arm arthritis are that the upper arm joint feels warm and soft, swollen, stiff and feels tired.

6. Upper Arm pain caused by Angina

Angina, is chest pain that occurs when the heart does not get enough oxygen. Angina can cause pain in the arms and shoulders such as a feeling of pressure on your chest, neck and back. Angina often indicates heart problems. Other symptoms are chest pain, nausea, shortening of breath and dizziness.

7. Upper Arm pain caused by Heart Attack

Heart attack, occurs when blood cannot pass through the heart due to a blockage, this disrupts the oxygen supply in the heart. This can cause the heart muscle to die if it does not immediately get oxygen supply again. When you have a heart attack, you may experience pain in both arms, shortness of breath, upper body pain, nausea, cold sweat, chest pain and dizziness.

Upper Arm Pain Diagnosis

Our upper arm specialist need a diagnosis that underlies the cause of the pain to prescribe treatment. First they ask about their medical history and physical tests, ask about your activities, potentially dangerous injuries and symptoms.

Depending on the symptoms, blood test, MRI, ultrasound or X-ray may also be recommended in order to diagnose upper arm pain.

Upper Arm Pain Treatments

Treatment for upper arm pain varies depending on the cause and severity. Some of these treatments are:

Medications for upper arm pain including pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications.

Injection for upper arm pain including anti-inflammatory injection

Physiotherapy for upper arm pain include to improve range of movement of the upper arm.

Surgery for upper arm pain may be needed if the conservative treatments failed.

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