What Causes Back Pain Radiates To Leg?


Back Pain and numbness from waist to left leg. When the pain come, it will be very painful. The pain radiates down to feet. Will that be pinched nerve or back pain? If it is impingement to the nerve, can this be cured? I’ve been back and forth to see the doctor and was treated with oral medications. Once the medications run out, the pain will come back again.

Back Pain Radiates To Leg

Back Pain Radiates To Leg


The current complain is the lower back pain radiating down to the left leg. Prior answering to this kind of question, medical history will be required. Do you have any history of injury? For example, fell down or accidentally injured while lifting heavy loads? Or the pain comes after a prolonged sitting? Or the sudden onset of the back pain that affects the quality of life? Is coughing, sneezing and straining increasing the pain?

If so, then it is probably your nerves is interrupted / trapped or known as impingement to the nerve. Keep in mind, that is simple, it’s a pinched nerve is a condition in which there is disruption in the flow of nerve impulses to and from the place that became the nerve service functions.

This can be caused by trauma conditions, as once there is a history of accidents or errors gestures. In fact, the position of the body in a manner that is not true can cause the condition. It is characterized by symptoms such as tingling, pain radiating up.

To be able to ensure and prove it, of course, It will be recommended to consult orthopedic specialist. In addition, the investigation needs to be done to support the diagnosis by x-picture (lumbosacral) in the lumbar region.

Imaging can also be done, using a MRI to see and ascertain whether it is caused by a pinched nerve. While waiting for the report of the MRI Scan, you may be assisted by the use of pain medications and physiotherapy treatment.

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