HAMSTRING INJURY pain Singapore? For the athletes, hamstring injury can be into something scary. Because of the injury, their dream to be a champion dashed.

Hamstring Injury Singapore

Hamstring muscle (thigh) is a collection of three muscles that extends from the hip to the knee. With those muscles, we can straighten or bend leg muscles. Unfortunately, when the hamstring muscles stretched beyond the limit, it will cause injury.

Hamstring injuries are usually characterized by pain in the back of the thigh suddenly while on the move. Muscles are torn and broken, diseased area was swollen, bruised and blue, to leg muscle weakness can no longer be used.

Injuries were classified into several levels. Ranging from mild, moderate to severe. For minor injuries usually not too painful. Only a slight loss of hamstring muscle strength and easily return to normal.

For moderate injuries, one to two muscles had torn hamstring. It was certainly going to be very painful. Thighs and legs can still move, though it would lose some power. When a severe injury, the three hamstring muscles were torn down to the base of the bone (avulsion).

If you’ve experienced it, all you need is a break in addition to treatment that takes many months. No wonder if a footballer who suffered severe hamstring injury must be willing to sit on the bench and lost a chance to play.

However, the hamstring muscle injuries can be prevented, by taking the time to warm up. Just 10 to 15 minutes before exercise core to flex our muscles.

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