What Is Whiplash Injury Singapore?

Whiplash Injury is the layman’s term for pain to neck after an injury to the soft tissues of the neck (especially on muscles and joints of the neck). These injuries occur because of coercion movement of the neck of the transgressors. Whiplash injury is known as neck sprain or neck muscle strain or hyper extension injury.

Whiplash Injury Singapore

Whiplash Injury Singapore

What Causes Whiplash Injury Singapore?

Whiplash injuries Singapore can occur in:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents (especially car accidents)
  2. Sports injury
  3. Head crushed by falling objects
  4. Physical injury (eg shaking the baby)
  5. Chronic strain on the neck muscles (eg clamping phone neck, too long in front of the computer with the neck position too often down / bend)

What Are The Symptoms Of Whiplash Injury Singapore?

Whiplash injury Symptoms can occur / felt immediately or feel some hours after the injury. The sooner the symptoms of the more weight and the possibility of severe injury.

A. Whiplash injury Symptoms include:

  • neck Pain
  • Swelling in the neck
  • Pain along the back
  • Tense the muscles on the side or back of the neck
  • Difficult to move the neck

B. Immediately contact emergency medical assistance, if any:

  • Severe neck pain
  • Pain arising a few days after it was improve
  • Pain in one or both arms
  • Unable to move his head
  • shoulder pain
  • headache
  • Staggered, dizzy feel great
  • Vision dizzy
  • Fussy (in children)
  • Paralysis, tingling, or numbness in the arms / legs

C. First Aid To Whiplash Injury

  • Keep the neck position so as not to move before paramedics comes to installing a neck fixation.
  • On arrival at the hospital emergency room, it is usually done
  • X-ray examination before ascertained to remove them neck fixation. X-ray examination of the purpose is to ensure absence of a broken collarbone.
  • Your doctor will also check for any injuries, arm muscle strength and limbs, ability to receive stimulation of the skin, reflex arm and legs, and impaired / painful neck movement. If necessary, the patient referred to a specialist medical rehabilitation.

What Are The Treatments For Whiplash Injury Singapore?

Medical treatment usually includes a massage of the neck, bed rest, fixation neck, cold therapy, heat therapy, pain medication, sedative muscle, neck movement exercises combined with heat treatment after 3 × 24, restricted movement in the neck first week, and neck movement exercises gradually on next week.

Most patients recover within 6 weeks of perfect, though some are suffering from residual symptoms after 1-2 years. usually injury would be more severe if there is a great head movement while accident. The more rapid onset of symptoms after an accident, as well increases the risk of more serious injury.

Care at home can be done to relieve pain and reducing inflammation of the soft tissue neck. Surely this is done if there are no symptoms of urgency, as already outlined above.

Care at home can be done by:

Compress the neck with ice for 20 minutes / hour at 24 hours first. Do not stick the ice directly on the skin, but Cover with cloth / compress tool.

Taking analgesics (caution on sensitive stomach).

How To Prevent From Whiplash Injury Singapore?

Whiplash injury Singapore can be prevented by:

While driving, use of seat belts and height adjust placemat head on the seat. The middle of the mat head, should as high as the upper end of the ear. While seat belts do not reduce the risk of neck injury, but it can reduce the risk death / serious injury. Choose a vehicle that has an air bag (airbag). Never shake a baby’s body.

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