Why Stiff Finger?

Stiff fingers may be caused by the movement of fingers or thumbs are forced and repeated. 

What is stiff finger?

Stiff finger is a condition that not only makes the fingers suddenly difficult to move or locked in a certain position, but also a painful condition. Because the tendons on the thumb or finger are inflamed.

So Why Stiff Finger?

Hand Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis or arthritis that attacks the hands, can cause pain in the three parts of your fingers. For example, in the middle of the finger joints, the joints closest to the fingertips, as well as the base of your thumb.

If you have osteoarthritis on the hands, you will experience stiff, swollen, sore fingers, even a lump can appear on the rigid joints of the fingers. The pain may be gradually disappearing, but swelling and lumps in the joints can persist.

On the back of the finger (back of the hand) may appear cysts are quite painful. Slowly, inflamed fingers can also bend to the side.

Under certain circumstances, you can also find the appearance of a bump at the base of the thumb close to the wrist joint. This lump can be very painful and make it difficult for you to do some kind of activity, such as opening jars, writing, and so forth.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is one type of arthritis. But do not equate this condition with osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a disorder of the immune system that actually attacks your own body tissues. While osteoarthritis is a condition caused by joint use.

Chronic inflammatory disorders that occur in rheumatoid arthritis can attack small parts of the joints of the feet and hands. Precisely, on the membranes that wrap your joint fluid or synovial membrane. This condition can cause quite painful swelling and can cause joint deformity (deformity) and bone erosion.

Rheumatoid arthritis generally affects women, especially in those over 40 years of age. Even so, rheumatoid arthritis can also attack all ages and all sexes. In addition to stiff fingers, symptoms that appear among others are swollen joints, feel warm, lasting for hours. Can also be accompanied by fever, weight loss, fatigue, appear bumps of tissue under the skin of the arm.

Symptoms that appear can come and go, and even vary the severity. Rheumatoid arthritis over time may cause a shift in joints.

Gouty Arthritis

Gouty arthritis is one type of arthritis that can cause stiffness, tenderness, and joints become swollen. If the gout happen too frequently, it may damage tendons, joints, and other tissue sections. If rheumatoid arthritis generally occurs in women, gouty arthritis generally occurs in men.

Bladder occurs caused by too much uric acid in the bloodstream. Actually, not everyone who has high levels of uric acid can experience a gout, it’s just that, when uric acid levels are too high, uric acid can crystallize inside the joint. Gout can also occur if you consume too much alcohol, have excess weight, eat too much fish meat containing chemicals, and eat too much beef.

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