Winged shoulder blades include rare anatomical conditions. Even so, winged shoulder blades can interfere with daily activities and reduce self-confidence. Recognise the causes of winged scapula and identify winged scapula treatment.

As the name implies, the shoulder blades will protrude to form like wings. This condition can interfere with alignment of arm movements. As a result, movement becomes very limited, for example when lifting items, brushing teeth, combing hair or changing clothes.

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Causes Winged Scapula

Winged bones can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from trauma, muscle injury, to unknown cause. This causes injuries to the nerves and the paralysis of muscular movements, such as the anterior one hundred muscles, trapezius or rhomboid. As a result, these muscles can not pull the shoulder blades and make them stand out like wings.

The occurrence of winged scapula condition can also be affected by the side effects of therapy or certain medical action. For example, surgery on the neck, which then injures the nerves of the muscles of the supporting bones, so that the muscles are paralyzed and cause the winged bones to appear winged.

Signs of the occurrence of winged scapula bones vary with each person, depending on the condition and the troubled muscles. But in general, the winged winged symptom is difficult to lift arms above the shoulder height, causing pain in the neck, shoulders, backs and shoulders appear down.

Winged Scapula Treatment

Winged Scapula Treatments

To find out which part of the muscles is having problems, the doctor will usually do an electromyographic examination to test all the muscles of the shoulder bladder. After knowing the troubled muscles, then there will be several ways for winged scapula treatments, among which:

1. Conservative therapy

Conservative therapy is one way to deal with winged scapula. To overcome paralysis in one hundred anterior muscles, conservative therapy can be carried out for 6-24 months. If there is paralysis of the trapezius muscle, it will be done early exploration of nerve spinal accessories. If this fails, the doctor will decompress the dorsal nerve.

2. Train your shoulder muscles

In order for the muscles around the bones to not shrink, exercise to keep the range of movement is very important. However, special measures must also be taken to avoid losing the lame muscles. Once the muscular nerves have improved, strength exercises will be gradually made to restore the function of the muscles on the shoulders.

3. Winged Scapula Surgery

The operation procedure will be the last option if some of the above does not work. This procedure is performed to overcome the damage caused by damage to the joints located on the shoulder. In this procedure, the doctor will handle the problematic tissue and restore the shoulder to normal position.

The condition of winged scapula can interfere with activity, so sufferers feel frustrated or depressed. Consult us our shoulder specialist Singapore for winged scapula treatment. Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384.

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