Having wrist injury? Suspect wrist dislocation? Looking for wrist dislocation specialist clinic for proper treatment? A wrist dislocation is a dislocation of one of the eight carpal bones that make up the wrist.

Wrist Dislocation Specialist Clinic

Wrist Dislocation Causes

Most fractures and dislocations result from axial loads on the outstretched palms and outstretched arms, usually from a fall with the outstretched arm, a motor vehicle accident, or a sports injury.

Most of these cause fractures in the distal radius, scaphoid, and other carpal bones. High impact injuries from falls or serious motor vehicle accidents can cause a more complicated pattern of wrist fracture / dislocation (perilunate fracture / dislocation).

Carpal bone dislocation involves serious damage to the ligaments and if left untreated it can cause permanent disability. Two significant dislocations are the anterior lunatum dislocation and the lunate perilunar dislocation.

Wrist Dislocation Symptoms

Wrist dislocation symptoms are usually severe pain with a pronounced wrist deformity (change in shape). A tingling sensation in the thumb, index and middle finger indicates involvement of the median nerve.

Wrist Dislocation Symptoms Specialist Clinic

Wrist Dislocation Treatments

Wrist Dislocation Specialist mentioned that wrist dislocations should be treated as quickly as possible. Any delay can result in misalignment of the joints which can interfere with hand / wrist function. Early treatment can also minimize the recurrence of dislocations in the future.

Wrist Dislocation Cast Treatments

Usually, conservative management of wrist dislocations is sufficient. This treatment is done using a cast. Recovery can take several months.

Wrist Dislocation Surgery Treatments

In acute cases where conservative measures are unsuccessful and the bone becomes deformed so that it is difficult to handle manually, surgery is performed. Carpal dislocations can cause severe damage to ligaments.

Surgical procedures are performed by fusing the bones into their normal position, repairing damaged ligaments or other structures and holding them in place until they heal. The wrist will then be in a cast for 8 weeks until the injury heals.

After immobilization in a cast, treatment is continued with wrist strengthening exercises to restore hand and wrist function and to prevent future injuries.

Wrist Dislocation Physiotherapy Treatments

Physical therapy is important to promote healing and restore normal wrist function. Physical therapy includes: Joint mobilization. Soft tissue massage. Ultrasound therapy. Use of a brace. Use a cold or warm compress. Exercises to increase strength. Activity modification. A suitable plan to return to normal activities.

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