Wrist Injury Treatment. Wrist and metacarpal injuries are more common in contact sports, racquet sports, and gymnastics. The wrist is one of the most complex musculoskeletal anatomy. It is made ​​up of 15 bones, 27 articular surfaces, and intricate system of ligaments that keep the bones and the surface in a right relationship with one another.

Proximal to the wrist formed by the distal radius and ulna and fibrocartillage disc attached, and the distal lunate, scaphoid and triquetral bones. Wrist as a region extending from the distal radius and ulna to the metacarpal base. Support the wrist and hand position and therefore should combine power and precision of the various movements with stability.

Wrist pain is common. Repetitive movements can damage your wrist. Everyday activities such as typing, racquet sports or sewing can cause pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist pain with bruising and swelling can be a sign of injury. Signs of a fracture may include defective joints and inability to move your wrist. Some wrist fractures are the result of osteoporosis.

Wrist Injury Treatment Singapore

Causes Wrist Injury

You can also experience wrist pain from repeated use resulting in an inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis) It is also known as Dequervain’s Stenosing Tenosynovitis. This is called repetitive motion injuries and sprains are not really true. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another common wrist injury that may occur from repetitive movements.

Symptoms Wrist Injury

When an injury occurs, pain and swelling are the main symptoms. The wrist may become discolored and bruised. Doctors called ecchymosis. The wrist may remain painful for several weeks. There are no specific symptoms that allow doctors to determine whether a wrist ligament injury has occurred.

Typically, there will be pain, tenderness, swelling, or bruising of the injured wrist. If the injury is serious, you may have trouble moving the wrist.

Wrist Injury Treatment Singapore

Wrist injury treatment Singapore include:

  • If no fracture seen on x-ray, the doctor can diagnose a sprain. In cases where there is tenderness in the anatomical snuffbox, your doctor may also suspect there may be a scaphoid fracture is not apparent on x-ray.
  • For more severe sprains, you may be given wrist splint that you can take on and off. Also you may be prescribed some form of pain medication. You should make sure that you let your doctor know what other medications you are taking and allergies you have.
  • Corticosteroid injection for carpal tunnel improves symptoms in more than half of the patients; surgical intervention to release the transverse ligament and nerve decompression may be indicated bondage

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