Pain that occurs in the wrist due to injury is often mistaken for symptoms of sprains. This made the people who experienced it decide to go to the massage therapist in order to reduce the pain. But you know, not all pain in the wrist is a sign of sprains.

Pain that appears on the wrist can occur due to a broken bone. Because, sprains and fractures are both making the wrist hurt and swollen. But, the way to handle these two conditions is not at all the same. Fractures on the wrists should not be sorted. Sorting out the broken wrist can actually make the condition worse.

So what are the difference between wrist sprain pain and wrist broken pain?

Different between Wrist Sprain and Wrist Fracture Pain

Wrist Sprain Pain and Swelling

Sprains are conditions that occur as a result of a disruption or damage to the ligament, the tape that binds between two bones. Ligaments can experience tearing, twisting, or being attracted to, causing pain. Damage to the ligaments can occur due to pressure and coercion in the joints, for example due to physical activity that is too heavy or falls which causes injury.

In addition to pain, a sign of a sprained wrist is bruising on the dislocated part, swollen wrists, and changes in skin color in the sprained area. When experiencing a sprain, treatment can be done by resting the wrist and compressing the swollen part with cold water. If the pain is disturbing, you can take the medications for wrist pain.

Mild sprains usually only take a few days to recover. Conversely, the more severe the sprains that occur, the more time it takes to recover can be weeks. Even so, it is usually enough to rest and avoid strenuous activities while it is very effective to deal with pain and swelling due to sprains.

Wrist Sprain Pain and Swelling

Wrist Broken Pain and Swelling

Despite having similar symptoms, sprains and fractures are different conditions. Both of these conditions both cause pain and swelling, but fractures actually have other symptoms that are different from ordinary sprains.

Broken bones on the wrist are marked by a “crank” sound when falling or experiencing things that cause injury, besides the pain that appears is usually quite severe and very torturous. Pain due to fractures usually gets more painful, even just because a soft touch appears swollen in the broken part, bruised, until numbness in the area of ​​fracture.

Overcoming this condition cannot be arbitrary. The pain that appears is usually very painful and can last for a longer time. Generally, wrist fractures require time from 6 weeks to months to heal. Be sure to go to the doctor if the pain that appears feels unnatural so that the cause of the pain can be detected.

Wrist Fracture Pain and swelling
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