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15 Causes of Buttock Pain

At buttock Pain specialist clinic treatment, Buttock pain is almost the same as the left hip pain or back hip pain where conditions like this can affect anyone, both women and men. Pain in the buttocks can greatly interfere with daily activities even though these cases are rare. If ignored, this condition can be prolonged and worse than before.

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Singapore Buttock Pain Specialist1. Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the causes of back pain in men and women, so not just the buttocks can be triggered by pain. Sciatica itself is a sense of tingling, numbness and pain that begins from the waist area, then can spread up to the buttocks, then to the calf and thighs. In some cases, the sole of the foot can also be attacked by pain or pain. The presence of the lower back spine that undergoes a shift can then result in this sciatic. When the position shifts or deviates from the position that should be, then the nerve will be caught and pressed sciatic nerve.

2. Spinal Stenosis

Pain on the buttocks can also be experienced by a person due to spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a condition of narrowing of the spinal canal of the spine. Spinal nerves were finally under pressure so that there was pain from the waist down to the buttocks. In general, the buttocks due to this factor occur in people who are elderly.

3. Peripheral Neuropathy

The pain felt in the buttocks may be caused by peripheral neuropathy or also known as a group of peripheral nerve damage where the location is on the outside of the central nervous system. So in essence, the damaged nerves occur outside of the spinal cord and the brain. This condition is more common in infecting people who have entered the elderly. In addition to the pain in the buttocks, other symptoms that can be experienced is an increase in heart rate, abdominal bloating, nausea, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, ani incontinence, to sexual dysfunction and also orthostatic hypo tension.

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4. Pinched nerve

When a nerve or tendon is caught by a person, the pain is not only felt at the waist or back only. The buttocks part must be affected by the sap and will be so uncomfortable. Tingling, pain, and weakness will be felt in the back, buttocks, waist, limbs, and arms. The aging factor is certainly the main thing as well as the activity of lifting objects or heavy items. A person with obesity problems will also easily experience the pain of this buttocks. Genetic and work factors also support someone to experience this unpleasant, especially work that is devoted to lifting or pushing heavy goods.

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5. Buttock Strain

Cases of buttock pain may also be due to strains or conditions in which the tendon or muscle is injured. Muscles are basically attached to the joints that are aided by connective tissue (tendons). When an injury occurs, the hamstring or buttock, hamstring, calf and groin muscles are susceptible to pain.

6. Buttock Sprain

Ligaments are connective tissues that strengthen joints so they can be connected together. The lubricant-containing membrane is a blanket for all joints and treats and provides extra bearings that are resistant to various shocks. A lightly torn ligament is a joint injury that is also called a sprain and this can be a trigger of pain to the buttocks.

7. Blockage of Blood Vessels

When blood vessels become blocked, many health conditions can occur. The types of heart disease, stroke, and high blood are examples. Apparently, clogged blood vessels can be a trigger of pain in the buttocks. Blood flow is not smooth able to cause tingling and pain in certain body parts.

8. Age Factor

Age factor is increasingly becoming the main cause of the frequent back pain, back and waist. Muscle mass must have decreased, especially in elderly people aged 50 years and over. Bone fragility is also a problem that can cause pain in the body increases.

9. Forcing Muscles

When age is no longer young and muscle was not so maximal again his health, forced myself to do physical activity or heavy activities will only cause pain in that part. Lack of physical activity that would have to force the muscles on the waist and buttocks to work harder.

10. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic inflamed joints are also called rheumatoid arthritis and this will usually be the cause of pain, stiffness and swelling in the joint. Arthritis itself means rheumatoid arthritis that can result in joint tissue areas, such as tendons, ligaments and muscles.

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11. Side Effects of Certain Drugs

Unconsciously sometimes we take medicine is to make the body get better and recover from certain diseases. But not all drugs are safe for consumption because it can trigger some side effects that even cause a new disease. Butt pain and pain can also occur due to the use of certain medications.

12. Muscle Sprain

The buttocks area may become painful and sick from the underlying area where the muscle is dislocated. If you are not careful, the upper thighs or the sprained thighs can make the butt part feel the pain. Dislocated muscles can occur due to trauma or injury.

13. Tense Muscles

Tension in the leg muscles has the potential to cause the effect to spread to the buttocks. It is then not possible to perform activities as normal. When the muscle is tense, relaxing it is the most appropriate solution and not using the muscle to work. Taking a break while massaging tense muscles is a good idea.

14. Less Exercise

You who rarely do sports, when getting older, waist area, back and buttocks will easily get sick. Muscles will become taut easily when the sport is never done. For the elderly, do not worry about what sports should be done. Stretching is actually more than enough as long as it is done routinely.

15. Buttock pain due to a fall

Maybe you’ve fallen and the buttocks and waist are hit hard, this can also be a trigger pain in the buttocks. Check if you ever have an accident as mentioned. It is feared that the condition is severe, then take the diagnosis path so that detected in detail condition of pain in the buttocks.

That’s the whole range of possible breech diseases that you’re likely to experience. To overcome buttock pain, please give painkillers, cold compresses, massage, and take time to rest. If the pain persists, please consult our Buttock Pain Specialist Clinic Singapore. For an appointment, please call 64762106 or SMS 84998384

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