Are you looking for fibreglass cast Singapore?

Yes, we have fibreglass cast in Singapore Sports Clinic.

When Is a Fiberglass Cast Used?

Fiberglass casts can be used to hold broken bones in place until they heal,  protect a limb after recent surgery, or immobilize a joint for other reasons if it is felt necessary by your doctor.

What is fibreglass cast?

A fiberglass cast is the plaster cast made from fiberglass material. Traditionally, plaster cast has been made of plaster of Paris. A fiberglass cast is a lighter, synthetic alternative plaster of Paris.

Fiberglass cast is a lightweight and  extremely strong material.  As compared to traditional plaster of Paris cast, it is light in weight and  more durable. It is three times stronger and but is only one third in weight.

Can swim with fibreglass cast Singapore?

YES. At Singapore Sports Clinic, our fibreglass cast can use for swimming. As our specialist use waterproof liners to let kids continue bathing or even go swimming during the healing process.

Waterproof casts are ideal for most everyone: children, athletes, geriatric patients who live alone, and adults who use their hands for work.

Fibreglass cast SingaporeFiberglass casts are being used much more frequently nowadays given the numerous benefits that fiberglass has over plaster. These casts come in many colors, are lightweight, and make it more convenient for patients to deal with a broken bone. Waterproof casts increase people’s ability to continue with their normal routine. Talk to us about getting a fiberglass waterproof cast.