Having knee pain when cycling?  The knee pain worsen when cycling for more than an hour? Is it okay to continue cycling when there is pain? Is cycling good for knee?

Knee Pain When Cycling

According to our Knee Pain Specialist Clinic,  cycling is a sport that is relatively safe for people with knee pain, but if you do cycling in a ‘hard’ way such as spinning moreover by standing on a pedal or mountain biking, of course the possibility of a knee injury becomes greater.

Can continue cycling when there is knee pain?

If knee pain worsen when cycling for more than an hour, it indicates excessive exercise. Our Knee Specialist Singapore will advise to reduce the duration and cycle as according to your body’s ability. Meaning when there is knee pain, cycling should stop, don’t force yourself beyond the limits of your body’s ability.

If knee pain when cycling persists after resting, please consult our Knee Pain Specialist Singapore for proper diagnosis and treatment. Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384 for an appointment today.

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