What is Monovisc Injection Singapore?

MONOVISC injection Singapore is a unique achievement for treating osteoarthritis (OA). Created by the makers of ORTHOVISC, MONOVISC is specially formulated for a single-injection regimen, approved for relief of joint pain in all synovial joints.

The single injection regimen provides many advantages with decreased visits to the doctor and reduced risk or difficulty associated with multiple injections. MONOVISC is made from highly purified, non-animal, natural hyaluronan. With one 4ml treatment, it is ideally suited to fill the intra-articular space of the knee.

Monovisc injection is another effective treatment options for patients seeking to avoid knee replacement surgery and who fail to get long-lasting pain relief from standard medication or physical therapy.

monovisc injection singaporeHow long will the monovisc injection singapore last?

Every doctor will do the monovisc injection differently. After a single injection in Singapore Sports Clinic, our past data have shown that pain relief may last from 6 months to 3 years. Although individual results may vary, for many people feel relief quickly after their MONOVISC injection.

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