Having lump? Suspect cyst? Worried lump may be cancerous? Some cysts are cancerous and early treatment is vital. If left untreated, benign cysts can cause serious complications including: Infection – the cyst fills with bacteria and pus, and becomes an abscess. If the abscess bursts inside the body, there is a risk of blood poisoning (septicaemia). Looking for sebaceous cyst specialist clinic for an effective treatment of sebaceous cyst? Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384 for an appointment today.

What is Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cyst is lumps under the skin that may contain liquid or partial liquid. Often, sebaceous cysts are found in the face, neck, scalp or body. It grows slowly and does not cause a life threatening but may cause a discomfort, especially when the sebaceous cyst grows.

sebaceous cyst specialist clinicWhat causes sebaceous cyst?

Sebaceous cysts occur from the sebaceous glands that are under the human skin. Under normal circumstances, sebaceous glands produce sebum oils that coat our skin and hair. Cysts can occur when the glands or their clogs are damaged or damaged and cause sebum oil can not be flushed out into the skin or hair. This is usually due to trauma that occurs on the part of the gland and the sebaceous channels including scratching, surgery on the part of the skin, or skin problems such as acne. Sebaceous cyst grows slowly, so the trauma may occur within a long period of time before a person finds sebaceous cyst exists on his or her body. Other causes that cause sebaceous cyst include disabilities in the sebaceous or genetic problems such as Gardner’s Syndrome or Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome.

Symptoms of Sebaceous Cyst

Small cysts usually do not cause pain. Large cysts may cause discomfort or pain. Cysts in certain parts such as face, neck or limbs cause cosmetic problems. Usually a sebaceous cyst contains ingredients called white keratin, and it feels soft to the touch. Sebaceous cyst is considered abnormal and may be at risk for cancer or cancer when its diameter exceeds 5 cm • Reinforced quickly after being surgically removed • there are signs of infections such as red, pain, or abscess.

Treatments for Sebaceous Cyst

According to our sebaceous cyst specialist clinic, most of the time the sebaceous cyst is removed due to cosmetics. The best treatment for removing sebaceous cyst is through surgery. It is important because without complete surgery, usually sebaceous cyst will recur. The treatment method is through excision which is to remove the cyst completely. After the cyst is removed, antibiotics may be necessary to prevent bacterial infections.

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