Headache and Trigeminal Neuralgia

A headache is a pain that pops up around the head. Most of the headaches that occur are not serious and can be overcome easily, such as by taking painkillers, drink enough water, and more rest. But there are some types of headaches that require more treatment because of sustained or even life threatening.

Headaches do not have a certain period of time, can last less than an hour or even for several days, and can appear suddenly or slowly.

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The cause of headaches can be caused by various things, but in general headaches can be grouped by cause, i.e headaches that are not associated with other diseases or called primary headaches and headaches caused by other diseases or also called secondary headaches. Some of the most common types of headaches are as follows:

—>>> Tension headache
—>>> Migraine
—>>> Cluster headache

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In addition, below are some of the common causes of secondary headaches:

— Headaches caused by infectious conditions such as meningitis. Infections may also originate from other parts of the body other than the head, as  occurs in cases of sinusitis, flu, ear infections, and dental infections.

— Trauma. For example due to collision or after an accident.

— The presence of bleeding or blockage of blood vessels in the brain.

— Brain cancer.

— hangover.

— Rebound headache. This headache is caused by consuming too much painkiller

Headache Treatment

Headache treatment should be seen from the symptoms experienced and based on the cause, because not all types of headaches can be overcome by taking headache relief medication alone. See a doctor to diagnose health problems that cause headaches. Read More Headache Treatment

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