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Neck pain can make a person can not perform daily activities comfortably, even to the extent of skipping work because of this sore neck.

Perhaps you are still wondering what the cause of the neck pain is currently being experienced and how the solution overcomes it. Now look at the neck pain in which part you are experiencing, for example, back, right side, back and neck pain, and other accompanying symptoms such as headaches, fever, and others. Because it is important to get into the root causes of neck pain. 

Neck Pain SpecialistCauses of Neck Pain

According to our neck pain specialist Singapore, most of the neck pain is not a serious condition and can heal within a few days if being treated early. However, in some cases, neck pain can be caused by a serious medical condition and require the care of a doctor.

Neck Muscle Soreness

Neck muscle soreness/ Muscle tension occurred from excessive use of neck muscles or a faulty neck position that lasts too long e.g. driving, sleeping with a bad head and neck position, lifting heavy objects in the neck, jerking the neck during exercise, and so on.

Neck Injury

Neck injury . The neck is very susceptible to injury, it could be due to a fall, a traffic accident, and a sport, in which the neck muscles and ligaments are forced to move beyond their normal range. If the neck is dislocated or broken, the spinal cord can also be damaged. A neck injury caused by a sudden jerk of the head is called a “whiplash.”

Neck Arthritis

Damage Joints Just like all other joints, the joints of the neck can also experience wear with age, which can cause osteoarthritis in the neck. Not infrequently this is the cause of neck pain.

Cervical Slipped Disc

Pinched nerve (depressed) Herniated disc or spinal bone in the cervical spine can suppress the nerve branch originating from the spinal cord in the neck as a result of the pain in the neck that usually spreads to the shoulder to the hand.

Neck Pain Treatment Singapore

Neck Pain Treatment Singapore include ice pack, oral medications, physiotherapy.

Rest your neck. Do not exercise, weight lifting, or perform certain movements / positions that make the neck pain more. Gentle massage on the neck, do not massage hard because it will make the neck pain worse and never healed. If it is better, slow down the normal activity, do not be forced. Neck exercises every day. Slowly stretch your head with a movement to the left and right and up and down. Set a good position, do not let the neck in a bad position or monotonous position in the long term.

When do you need to see neck pain specialist urgently?

If neck pain persists for more than a week, consult a physician. Moreover, accompanied by the following symptoms: Severe neck pain without a clear cause, There is a lump in the neck, Fever, Headache, Nausea and vomiting, Difficult to swallow, Difficult to breathe Numbness and tingling Weak or unable to move the arm or hand. In addition, if you feel neck pain after an accide

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