Sports Injury – Sports Injuries

Sports Injury is something natural in the exercise, because all exercise that does have risk, you are exercising; hence there is a possibility of injury, even if you do not exercise, there is likely you are sick. So injury is not something that should be a problem in starting a healthy lifestyle.

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Sports Injury

Injuries in sport there is a mild to severe, here are some things that are usually the cause of sports injuries:

Cause Of Sports Injuries

1. Warm-up

Very very many injuries that occur due to the lack of heating, directly entering the phase where the core muscle movement so rapid / heavy will make your muscles surprised and eventually you will be injured.

2. Overtraining

Too much exercise can also be dangerous, if for example you are weight training, try 5 times a week at most, above it, your muscles will shrink simply because there is no time off and most likely you will end up with an injury than muscular and handsome looks.

3. Safety Gear

Some of the most secure way, especially in the gym is to use safety gear like Wristlet, belt or gloves. The most common injuries are injuries to joints / ankle, so please note, if you have a little more money and actively enter the gym, take a few hundred thousand dollars to buy safety gear, muscle injury is more expensive than the money the 100-thousand tablets.

4. Less Rest

Less rest makes the muscles that have not recovered from the trauma of micro-corrected sport as a whole, you will only ruin it rather than make it grow.

5. Loss Control

That is, when you lift weights, you have the wrong body position or do so at a speed that is less fair when you have not experienced, most likely you will end up with screaming out loud

Some Sports injuries that often occur are:

1. Hernia

Is essentially the collapse of the contents of the scrotum to the abdominal organs, is very common in men, especially athletes or football weight lifting, can be caused by congenital (hereditary abdominal cavity thin / weak). . Hernia can not be ordered in the medical world, the operation could still come back if not careful.

2. Injuries Joints

Usually joint sprains, dislocated or even broken up around the joint area. this point in the heating, so your joints are better prepared. do not perform unusual movements with the elbows, knees or your shoulders, you will look like snobs understand, and most likely you will be injured joints.

3. Dislocate

Ligament tear, or twisted muscles, usually sore, and that means you should rest the affected part, compress to reduce pain. Generally occur due to trauma to the time jump and fall, or rotating joints too much.

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