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Sweat Palms

Sweating palms can make a person feel embarrassed or inferior. Fortunately, sweaty palm is the condition can be treated easily.

Your palms often sweat? It could be a sign you are suffering from primary focal hyperhidrosis. Primary focal hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body secretes excessive sweating in only one particular place. For example in the groin, scalp, face, armpits, soles of feet, or palms. And the sweats are not just one of the palms, the soles of the feet, or the armpits, but both.

Sweaty Palm Specialist ClinicWhat caused it Sweat Palms?

Some say if sweating palms are a sign if we are likely to suffer from heart disease. But the truth is, it’s a myth. Sweating palms are not related to other conditions, do not cause disease, and are not a sign of a disease or drug interaction. Basically, the person whose palms often sweat is healthy, only his sweat is excessive.

Then, why palms can often sweat? For this one question, the experts do not know for sure the cause. They assume if the culprit is a small disturbance in the functioning of the nervous system. The nerves will activate the sweat glands if we feel too excited, emotional, nervous, nervous, anxious, move a lot, overheating, eating spicy foods, or because of hormones. When the nerves overreact, we can also sweat, including in the palm of the hand.

In some cases, sweaty palms may be hereditary conditions in the family. Therefore, genetic factors are also likely to play a role. What is clear, sweaty palms can happen to anyone, whether male or female. This condition usually develops first before we turn 25 years old. In fact, many people who claim to experience excessive sweating as a child. But do not close the possibility of sweaty palms occur after we are over 25 years.

How to solve Sweat Palms? Sweat Palms Treatment

Sweating palms can be reduced and overcome with the following tips:

Avoid triggers that can make your palms sweat more, for example spicy or hot foods.

Apply an ointment containing 20% ​​aluminum chloride hexahydrate to prevent open sweat pores. Unfortunately, this ointment can cause atrophy (shrinkage) of sweat-making cells, and for those allergic to these drug components can not wear them. Also, do not use this ointment on irritated or injured hands. It is advisable to seek medical advice first before purchasing this ointment and read the instructions carefully before applying it to the palm of the hand.

Using iontophoresis, a treatment that uses electrical stimulation. In the treatment for this sweaty palm, the hand is inserted into a small container of water. Then, a small electric current will flow through the water from a special machine. Although not harmful, iontophoresis can make us feel tingling or not Before choosing this way, discuss with your doctor first. Do not also use iontophoresis if you are pregnant, are using a pacemaker, or there are metal implants in the body.

If the three tips above do not work well, the last way that can be done to overcome sweaty palms is by surgery. Surgery is performed, among others, to lift the sweat glands in the armpit, cut off some nerves that run on the side of the spine, which regulate the sweat glands in the hand. However, the operation is high risk and very rare.

If the sweaty palms make you become embarrassed, anxious, or restless, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Similarly, if excessive sweating occurs throughout the body, sweating increases, sweating occurs only in one part of the body, cold sweat or mattress wet when awake, or accompanied by insomnia, fatigue, thirst, frequent urination, and / or cough .

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