Wrist fracture or broken wrist is a condition when one or more bones inside the wrist are broken or cracked. Inside the human arm there are eight small bones or carp bones, and two lower arm bones called the ulna bone and radius. Generally a wrist fracture occurs in one of the carp bones located below the thumb.

wrist fracture specialist clinicWrist Fracture Symptoms

Here are some symptoms of a broken wrist that can be seen or felt in an injured area:

  • Sounds of cracking on the wrist when falling or injury.
  • Great pain. Swollen.
  • Numb.
  • Bruises.
  • Stiff or difficult to move your fingers.
  • There is a change in shape on the wrist, for example being bent.
  • Bleeding when a bone fracture damages muscle tissue or penetrates the skin.

The pain of a wrist break will usually increase when the patient tries to move their wrist or fingers. In addition, feelings such as dizziness, nausea, and fainting can also indicate symptoms of broken wrists.

Call our wrist fracture specialist clinic immediately or go to the hospital if you experience a wrist fracture or experience unbearable pain, numbness in the hands or arms, and fingers appear pale and difficult to move.

Sometimes broken wrists can interfere with blood circulation and damage the nerves. If a broken wrist is not treated immediately, but can inhibit mobility and interfere with daily activities, it is feared that the bone can not return to its original position after recovery. 

Keep in mind that not all symptoms indicate a broken wrist, such as sprains to torn tissue. Therefore it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible so that it can be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

Causes of Wrist Fracture

Broken wrists occur due to the bone in the area can not withstand a pressure which is caused by:

Fall down causes wrist fracture

Fall down. Broken wrists can occur when someone falls with his hand outstretched because he is trying to support his body.

Clash causes wrist fracture

Clash. Usually this happens when someone does physical activity or sports, such as soccer, basketball, martial arts, rugby, and so on who have a high risk of injury. The collision that causes broken wrists can also occur in motor vehicle accidents on the highway.

Other causes of wrist fracture is by bone loss.

For example due to:

  • Disease
  • Vitamin D deficiency and calcium so the bones become weak.
  • Smoke. This bad habit can inhibit calcium absorption

Wrist fracture Diagnosis

At wrist fracture specialist clinic, to make a diagnosis of a broken wrist, our doctor will usually begin by asking the chronology of the event and the symptoms that are felt. After that, the doctor will perform a physical examination in the fault area. Generally, the doctor will examine the presence or absence of swelling, changes in shape, open sores on the fracture area, nerve damage to the fracture area, as well as checking the movement ability of the hand.

However, often additional checks are needed using a scanning tool to see the exact location and assess the extent of damage. The most common scanning tool used is X-ray. Radiation from X-rays can produce detailed bone images. Here doctors can see variations in faults, such as diagonal, straight, or spiral.

If X-ray examination does not provide satisfactory results, further tests such as CT scans and MRI to see the fault points, damage to the tissue, or the presence of a deeper fracture may be done.

Wrist fracture treatments

Wrist fractures are breaks in the small bones in the wrist or the ends of the forearm bones. At wrist fracture specialist clinic, treatment for wrist fracture may include a splint, cast or surgery, depending on the severity and location of the break. Rehabilitation therapy is usually part of the recovery process.

Some wrist fractures can interrupt blood flow to a wrist bone, causing part of it to die. If this occurs, a piece of bone taken from another location in the body (bone graft) may be inserted to help the fractured bone heal. If the bone doesn’t heal, several wrist bones might need to be fused together.

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